Sunday, June 14, 2009

History of Grimas...

GRIMAS Manufacturer/Producer of Make-up for Professional and Hobby

GRIMAS was founded more than 20 years ago and is located in Haarlem, Holland very near to Amsterdam. The name GRIMAS is the direct Dutch translation of the English word “grimace” and the German “grimasse” which means distortion of the face, making facial expressions, funny faces.

GRIMAS was an idea born out of sincere and playful interest by three good school friends – all with an academic background and all with the desire to do something different. Their academic backgrounds were very different and not directly related to Make-up. One had an education in chemistry, another in finance. Apart from being good friends with good educations they could see the potential and the need of developing safe make-up alternatives with a high quality for children – and the Water-make-up was born. The make-up produced was of such a high quality and control that GRIMAS would not, and still would not allow the products to be sold from ordinary Toy shops / art shops and alike.

In the beginning GRIMAS was mainly producing make-up for the hobby market and was for a number a years regarded as a “make-up for fun” brand. This has changed and GRIMAS is today producing the full range high quality make-up products, which covers beauty, personal, stage/drama, TV/film, special effects, and hobby. A long list of special products and foundations
Color-adjusted especially for stage and studio light is now available.

Throughout the times GRIMAS has stayed loyal and steadfast to their original idea and concept. Products are still developed with quality, safety, purity and children in mind. In fact, GRIMAS refuse to use certain colors and pigments even so they are approved for use in the cosmetics industry. GRIMAS is also a pioneer on labeling of products with the actual content of ingredients and did so way before the law in Europe required labeling of content.

The entire range of GRIMAS products is today very big and is still growing bigger. The prices are, as always, kept on a very reasonable and affordable level compared to other professional brands and even commercial brands. Furthermore, GRIMAS products are of a very high pigment concentration and as such a person would need lesser of a product compared to commercial brands.

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